Lebanese Food at Home

Thank you for your participation in this project about Lebanese identity and home food! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach me at on the contact page on this website.

Please complete the following form and press send when you are finished. You only need to answer the questions that you’d like to answer.

One objective of the project is to know the experiences of multiple generations of Lebanese people. Thus, if you have parents, grandparents, children, or any other family or friends who might like to participate, please pass this on to them!

Shukran. Thank You. Gracias.

Giselle Kennedy Lord // Principal Researcher // gisellek@bu.edu
Dr. Karen Metheny // Faculty Advisor, Boston University // kmetheny@bu.edu

This survey presented to you by me, Giselle Kennedy Lord, principal researcher and graduate student at Boston University located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. All survey data collected here is for research purposes and intended for use in my graduate thesis exploring the food practices of Lebanese individuals and families in the Americas. Your participation in this project is voluntary. The following is a series of questions pertaining to you and your food practices at home and family connected to your Lebanese heritage. Your responses will be kept confidential by me on external hard drives stored in my home. I will include relevant data in my final thesis paper. If you wish to keep your family name and/or identity confidential, I will happily assign an alias name to you and/or your family in all papers and documents written for submission. Please check the box below if you prefer your name not to be published. There are no perceived risks of participating in the study and the benefits of the study pertain primarily to broader, social benefits such as a greater understanding of Lebanese foodways in the Americas. In signing below, you state that you understand the scope of the project and agree to your responses being used as part of the research work. I am very grateful for your participation in this project.
Please type your full name.
Please include city or town + state + country
If so, please describe it.
Please be specific regarding dishes and ingredients!
Does this differ with daily food versus special occasions?
e.g. holidays, birthdays, new year
e.g. do you always make kibbi in the same, particular way? Do you eat mezze with your hands or bread directly from a shared plate?
for example, an ibrik for Arabic coffee, particular plates for serving food, décor or memorabilia associated with your family or Lebanon...
e.g. your family makes both turkey and stuffed grape leaves on Thanksgiving
Also, do you ever have to show these friends or explain to them how to eat a particular dish, or do they ask how you like to eat it?
If so, what are they and who or what do they remind you of?
Or how do you feel when you cook or eat Lebanese food?
e.g. in not-specifically-Lebanese restaurants, bakeries, food media (magazines, blogs, cookbooks)
e.g. comida india, africana, tailandesa, persa, escandinava
We will never publish or use this recipe without your permission or without your name.

This research is being conducted as part of a master's thesis work in and with the guidance and approval of the Boston University Gastronomy MLA program.

I am very grateful for the support of CELIBAL in engaging an impactful number of participants in this study.

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